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Is something missing in your spiritual life? Do you ever feel like you’re spiritually driving around with the parking brake on? If your answer is yes to these questions and you’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ for a number of years, then this book is for you. But be cautioned, for as you go through this book you will experience God challenging you to a deeper faith and gently putting His finger on those areas of your life that need some loving attention. You cannot read and apply the teaching of this book and not be challenged.

Running with God is designed to strengthen you in your faith experience and take you to the next level in your spiritual maturity. It will provide you with • knowledge of how to experience and encounter God in real and wondrous ways • a training program to help you become more disciplined and mature in your relationship with God • testimonies of individuals who have experienced God moving in their lives • practical and biblical insight to help you overcome the hindrances that are holding you back from growing spiritually • confidence in knowing God and the ability to under-stand His will in everyday situations.

This book follows my earlier book, 10 Steps to Knowing God, in which I talked about what it means to know God and the fundamentals of how to develop a real relationship with Him. Running with God has been written to take you a step further into spiritual maturity, teaching you the keys to growing in your faith and dealing with hindrances that might be holding you back. If you believe God is calling you to a greater faith and experience of Him but are not sure how to find it, then keep reading.

I’ve written this book from the viewpoint of my experiences: East and West. By that I mean that although I’m from the United Kingdom and have been working with many North Americans and American Christian resources in my ministry, my experience of living in Asia for eleven years has given me interesting insights into the kind of Christian faith experience God wants for us. For instance, when Christians pray in South Korea, they raise their voices together in unison. It’s a beautiful experience and so powerful to see hundreds and thousands praying at the same time. When believers are sick in China, they pray in expectation until the person is healed. When individuals come to faith in Christ in the Middle East, they do so with the understanding it could cost them their lives.

Although we have a rich heritage of Christianity in the West, with its wonderful resources and church buildings, we lack something believers on the other side of the world have: spiritual vitality and power. Running with God is an attempt to bring these two influences together and share with you the best of both worlds in an entirely Biblical context.

There exists today an army of God’s people who need to relearn the principles of spiritual growth, how to live by faith, how to read and apply the Bible, how to be led by the Holy Spirit, and how to engage in God’s work and miracles among us today. Only when we learn and live out these principles can we live the kind of Spirit- and faith-filled life God desires for us, thus becoming effective disciples and in turn, witnesses of God. After all, we can only be witnesses of God to the degree we’ve encountered Him. Using the analogy of sports, this book will teach you how to really know and encounter God, develop your faith, and be led by His Spirit.

I pray God will use this book to pour His living water into your Christian experience so your relationship with Him becomes alive, just as you read about in Scripture. Running with God has been written to enable you to learn how to know God in a real way. Being a Christian is not merely about attending church services and doing what’s expected of you; it’s about learning how to enter into the fulfillment of His wonderful promises and purpose for your life, receiving from God all He wants to give you, and running your race well. God is awakening a generation of discouraged and immobilized believers to the kind of life the Bible promises. The question is, do you want to be part of it? If you do and are ready to begin this exciting journey together, let’s mount the starting blocks!