My Chains Are Gone (MCAG)

Ex-offender Christian support

MCAG is a Christian mentoring and befriending support network based in South Wales, aimed at helping ex-offenders adjust to life outside. We offer the ex-offender weekly ongoing support and friendship to help reintegrate them back into society. The purpose being, that with the right help and support, they will be less likely to reoffend.  We will find them a suitable church in their area where they will receive Christian love, encouragement and help with practical and spiritual guidance.

MCAG believes that ALL people are of value and deserve to be loved and helped.

Each church that wishes to be part of MCAG will have its own team which will consist of:

  • MCAG Church Coordinator
  • Mentors
  • Befrienders
  • Practical Helper
  • Prayer Team
  • Safe Guarding Officer

There is such a high percentage (68%) of re-offenders in the U.K. due to many different reasons, one being that our society as a whole is letting them down.  Sometimes these men and women see prison as a means to an end.  These people need to be gently coaxed back into society with a team of caring, willing people to show them that they can lead a better and more rewarding way of life.

Many prison inmates are aware that prison is a revolving door having being inside many times with convictions as long as their arm. However, with the correct support and care from a team of support workers, we believe that many of these men and women can be saved from the destructive lifestyle in which they have chosen to live.

Team Roles

Each member of the team will have a specific role from overseeing the whole team within their church, to mentoring an ex-offender on a weekly/fortnightly basis for a period ranging from twelve to eighteen months as explained below:

  • A befriender will be meet up with them on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is okay and will address any additional needs that may have risen.
  • The Practical Helper will be there for the soul purpose of sign posting.They will also offer support with accompanying the ex-offender to appointments if need be, but will also encourage them to become more independent.
  • The Prayer Team will keep the men and women covered in prayer. As Christians we believe that there is a lot of power in prayer, especially when two or more people pray at the same time for the same thing.
  • The Safe Guarding Officer has an important role of making sure that the people involved with the ex-offender, the church as a whole and the community, are not put under any danger or risk. It is also important that the ex-offender is safe. There are different assessment forms that have to be filled out from various people to ensure that the ex-offenders get the right care in the right place.  Along with these are various safeguarding policies. Safe guarding is paramount and will be taken very seriously.

Ex-offenders showing a genuine longing to turn their lives around will be given the opportunity to be mentored and have a team of people to support them in their journey for change.

Different churches in the different towns around South Wales are invited to be part of MCAG, each having their own team of people to offer love, care and support to the ex-offender.

We believe that this is a much needed resource. Both for the ex-offender who society fails and the government who fork out approximately £33,000 a year for each prisoner kept at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Team Member Training

Our MCAG Training Manual covers most things one needs to know, and answers many questions you will have relating to helping the ex-offender reintegrate back into society and safeguarding.

For more information, please contact Rev. Michele Matthews at:

Mobile:     07468-066522


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