Bethel Leadership College

Vision and General Information

“Developing leaders, equipping disciples”

BLC aims to provide a challenging learning environment that builds people’s skills and equip them to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. It is our aim to train, disciple, develop and coach Christians to fulfill their God-given purpose in life, becoming effective and productive leaders in their personal ministry and work contexts.

All our programmes are based on our DRIVE approach to assure a comprehensive and Christian equipping process

  • DEFINE and discover God’s purpose for your life
  • RECOGNISE your personal strengths, spiritual gifts and authentic leadership model
  • INSTRUCT you in Biblical Truth and it’s practical life application for your work and personal life
  • VISION casting for your Christian service to do His work
  • ENABLE and encourage you to grow in your relationship with God

Diploma in Christian Ministry and Leadership

The diploma is a two-year part-time undergraduate course, which aims to equip those who desire to serve God in a number of ministry areas, including:

  • Pastor / Preacher
  • Evangelist
  • Children’s Minister
  • Youth Minister
  • Worship Leader
  • Healer
  • Men’s / Women’s Minister
  • Administrator

Students will focus on one or two (at most) of the above specific ministry areas. Throughout the course, students will be given the opportunity through their reading and ministry placements, to think theologically about their own practice, and to explore meaningful ways of serving God in Christian settings.

Streams of Learning

BLC differentiates itself from other Christian training centers as our process of equipping people focuses on practical application of Christianity to successfully serve God in the following two streams:

1. Biblical Theology (class)


2. Practical Ministry (placement)


We therefore seek to train you Biblically, practically and spiritually. Through our programmes, your studies will incorporate solid Biblical teaching, practical management skills, the ministry and work of the Holy Spirit, practical ministry placements and personal mentoring.

Methods of Learning

The aim of the course is to produce ‘reflective practitioners’, students who are rooted in ministry but have reflected theologically and spiritually on the issues surrounding that ministry. Learning will be offered through a blend of approaches including:

  • class lectures
  • individual reading
  • group tutorials
  • online media and videos
  • individual mentoring

Entry requirements

No formal qualifications are required for the Diploma in Christian Ministry and Leadership. Suitability of applicants will be based upon:

  1. Completion of the Passion for Purpose Course prior to commencing;
  2. Evidence of spiritual maturity, lifestyle and calling;
  3. Regular and consistent attendance and ministry involvement within a church for at least six months prior to application;
  4. Two supportive references concerning the applicant’s character and spiritual maturity, including one from their church leader.
  5. Agreement with BLC’s entire Statement of Faith.

Applicants who are considered not yet ready for ministry training will be encouraged to wait until the next intake and focus on spiritual preparation towards that.

Course Cost

At present we do not charge for tuition fees at the college. However, the student will be required to cover the cost of books and tools (e.g. laptop) required for their studies.


Students will need to successfully complete the required modules, together with reliable service in an area of ministry, according to their specific calling and purpose.

  • Upon successful completion of one year’s modules and practical placement, students will be awarded a Certificate in Christian Ministry and Leadership.
  • Upon successful completion of two year’s modules and practical placements, students will be awarded a Diploma in Christian Ministry and Leadership, and the opportunity to be ordained into ministry.

Please note that individuals outside of the two-year internship are welcomed to take single modules that do not lead to a Certificate or Diploma qualification during the course of any given year.


A variety of compulsory assessment methods will be utilized throughout the courses including:

  • Public Speaking Presentations
  • Book Summary and Application Reports
  • Written assignments
  • Ministry Placements


Students are encouraged to purchase the following for their studies:

  • a laptop for written assignments
  • the required text books for reading.

Social Media

All students will need to join the Bethel Leadership College Facebook group page for updated assignment information and community participation.

“All BLC programmes fully equip people with a clear conviction of what God has personally called them to do, together with the spiritual and practical tools needed to fulfill that purpose.”