Liz Linssen, pastor of Bethel Community Church, has written several books to strengthen you in your knowledge of God and your relationship with Him. For those seeking God or new believers, 10 Steps to Knowing God will teach you important subjects including the basics of the Christian faith, the character of God, how to pray, read the Bible and so on. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

For those who have been believers for a number of years, but feel dissatisfaction in their spiritual progress, then Running with God is the book for you. It’ll take you on a journey to deepening your relationship with God, teaching you how to really live by and grow in faith, and other important subjects. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

If you’re interesting in learning how to experience God’s power and purpose in your life, then why not read The Nature of Faith and Miracles? This book will teach you how to experience God’s power and the miraculous in your own life. The age of miracles is not dead. To search inside, click here: Nature of Faith and Miracles. AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON

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