Bethel Kids – Uganda Mission – Headed up by Dawn Griffiths

Trip Report:

On my recent Trip to Uganda I met these eight beautiful children.  Two of these children are severly disabled, and were taken in by the family who themselves are struggling to keep themselves and cannot afford schooling for their own children.  They live in Myunga, Kampala Uganda.

Winnie is 13 years old and was abandoned by her mother as she was not the healthy baby as expected. Her mother didnt know how to take care of her. Winnie is in a wheelchair she is unable to use her hands and arms.  She does not get to go outside as where they are living it would be impossible to push a wheelchair. There is little space.

Trevor is five. He was found abandoned and starving and took to the home by Evangelist Fred Kabagoza, to be looked after by Fred’s mother and sisters and brother. He is making some progress as he is now getting fed, but he really could do with some medical attention it seems all has been caused by malutrition. All his limbs are very weak.  He sits in a baby walker unable to lift himself.

The children are praying and have regular bible teaching all the household  are Christian.

These kids are unable to attend any school. They are:
Winnie 13 years  ( Wheelchair-bound)
Emanuel 12 years
Samuel    10 years
Favour     9 Years
Janet        8 years
Prosper  5 years
Felex        5 years  (HIV)
Trevor  5-6 Years    (disabled, but born normal).

I am hoping to help them.  I have managed to provide some things like clothes, blankets and a mattress so far.  I’d like to purchase bunk beds.  Food is an urgent necessity.
Im dreaming of a new home for them where Winnie can get some fresh air. She’s a very happy girl and extremly grateful for the care she has had.  I believe Trevor is very curable given the right care. I did see some improvement just in one week. Please would you consider helping me to help these kids while there are so many suffering.  I want to help them all but I can’t, so im trying my best to start with these eight kids who are believing and praying and already these kids are being used by God as they witness to other kids around them. Their own prayers included green apples, red apples, mangoes, chicken and pasta to eat!